U.S. Immigration

Identifying the most suitable visa types, finding online forms, compiling supporting documents, obtaining OFC appointments and interview appointments, and finally, attending the visa interview itself are often complex to many visa applicants.

Start My Visa is dedicated to providing comprehensive and reliable services to assist companies, businesses, investors and individuals successfully meet visa requirements to go to the U.S.

On a mission to provide exceptional service at economical costs to all visa applicants,
Start My Visa is driven by a team of experienced experts that commands the necessary expertise to deliver optimal results. Thorough Preparation and Timely Action are the twin principles that guide us in our efforts to help clients successfully apply for a U.S. visa.

Errors arising out of non-familiarity with the visa process may not only mean delays, but in many cases, can lead to visa denials and sometimes even more serious consequences. Our dedicated experts help companies and individuals avoid such costly lapses by analyzing the suitability of the visa type they wish to apply, explain the process to them in simple terms helping them understand the various requirements, and support them in fulfilling the procedural requirements to ensure the successful grant of U.S. visas to the applicants.